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Snow report

Latest update: 18.03.2017    08:46
Snow height:
Snow quality:

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Last groomed

Trail plan

Nachtloipe 2.4 km klassischskating closed svgpdf
6er-Spur 4.2 km klassischskating closed svgpdf
Kniebis-Spur 7.6 km klassischskating closed svgpdf
Zollstock-Loipe Süd 7.2 km klassischskating closed svgpdf
Kniebis-Lauferbrunnen 10.7 km klassischskating closed svgpdf
Abendwies-Spur 13.7 km klassischskating closed svgpdf
Zwieselberg-Spur 4.4 km klassischskating closed svgpdf
Steinwald-Spur 4.5 km klassischskating closed svgpdf
Langenwald-Spur skating + klassisch 8.7 km klassischskating closed svgpdf
Langenwald-Spur klassisch 9.4 km klassisch closed svgpdf
Kienberg-Spur 6.3 km klassischskating closed svgpdf
Rundspur Musbach 6.5 km klassisch closed svgpdf
Rundspur Igelsberg 4.0 km klassisch closed svgpdf
Anschluss Griesbachloipe 3.0 km klassisch closed svgpdf

DSV nordic aktiv
Overview map: DSV Nordic Aktiv Zentrum Freudenstadt- Kniebis
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Loipenförderverein Freudenstadt und Umgebung e.V.

In our club skiers come together who have set themselves the goal, to maintain the excellent network of trails around Freudenstadt and Kniebis and to entertain and possibly expand, advising communities and associations and maintain cooperation with the organizations of skiing.
The membership fee is used mainly for financial support for municipal-operated trail preparation.

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Training for "advanced skating beginners"

Ute Eberhardt offers for the Schneeschuhverein Freudenstadt a free LL-training on the Kniebis and this offer would like also to the   Members of the cross-country ski club.

The training takes place on Thursday evening around 19:00 clock for approx. 1 to 1 1/2 hours (depending on weather, pleasure and mood), meeting place is the ski hut.

If you are interested, please contact:

On the homepage of the Schneeschuhvereins under the heading "Adult sports" - "cross-country skiing" you can get weekly information on whether the training takes place.

New snow lance is running at Skistadion Kniebis

The Loipenförderverein Freudenstadt und Umgebung supported the SV / SZ Kniebis with 8000 Euros for the purchase of another snow lance on the night trail At the Skistadion Kniebis.

Schwarzwälder Bote on 10 January 2017

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